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Hey Denver/Arvada/WheatRidge/Westminster!  
I'm Coach Brandy and I am doing something CRAZY to promote my small group training studio-Feed Your Soul Fitness! 

FYSF's 42 Day Program gives you everything you need to feel your best! It is for beginner to intermediate fitness levels. We are unique because of our 30 minute training sessions (anyone can fit that in!) 

Bad knees, shoulders, elbows, hips? No problem! Our trainers will help you.

Why do people find such success with our program? Because we are NOT in the 'Fitness' business, we ARE in the SUPPORT/COMMUNITY business. 

Meaning we will NOT let you fail or fall behind. You WILL get the support and connection you need to be successful.

 Complete with Fun Workouts For Any Level, The World's Simplest Meal Plan, & Accountability that actually works.
Let me help you shed those unwanted pounds & love the way you look and feel with a plan of action that you can actually STICK WITH. Many people find doing their taxes simpler than doing a nutrition and health plan. 
It is no surprise why people are confused. The health industry is making billions of pills and potions that claim to give results just by taking them and not pairing with exercise and nutrition. 

We want to end this roller coaster for you. We have the solution. 

>Are you afraid to get started because of a past injury?
We coach small groups of 10 or less. Our coaches help with form!

>Do you avoid intimacy?
In 42 days you will want to leave the lights on. 

>Do you dread looking in the mirror?
You will LOVE your reflection when you look in the mirror in 42 days!

>Do you not recognize yourself in pictures?
In 42 days, you will be jumping into pictures instead of hiding behind the camera!

We have upped the ante----> there are awesome prizes JUST FOR COMING TO AN OPEN HOUSE!

We are giving away FREE SWAG when you attend an Open House (where you learn more info) 
PLUS, the first 20 people who sign up will get a FREE Personal Training Session upon challenge completion!!!

WHY are we doing this?
Simple. Because we want you to succeed. We want you to actually finish what you've started. We believe in you so much and want to prove to you that you CAN achieve your goals with the proper plan. DON'T WORRY! We will hold you hand every step of the way. We take all the guesswork out of what needs to be done and put you on a PROVEN plan that actually works! 
No more guessing what workouts to do & twiddling your thumbs at the gym. No more guessing on how you should eat for your body type. No more looking for an accountability partner. It's literally all done for you! All you gotta do is SHOW UP and get the results you've always desired. 

The corner of 44th Ave and Chase St. 

100% Secure. We Never Share Your Email.

Located at the corner of 44th and Chase 
Just 3 blocks West of Sheridan
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